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If you've been charged with a handgun violation, a cigarette violation or have a bench warrant out for your arrest, we will be happy to help you understand the law, reclaim your vehicle or recall the bench warrant in an expeditious manner.




Bench Warrants - avoid extradition, jail and possible bond

If you have received a letter from the Sherriff’s Department informing you that you failed to appear (FTA) in court, then there is currently a Bench Warrant for your arrest. The letter probably tells you to turn yourself in. Contact our office at 410-208-4244 before you do so, because you can be taken into custody and the bond most likely forfeited, depending on the bondsman.

With the warrant and its information in a National Data Base, you can be held for up to 30 days, with or without bond if stopped for a traffic violation or are simply clearing airport security in Maryland or any other state.

Yes - Maryland can extradite you from any other state. After being transported, a bond will mostly likely be required and a trial date set. You can avoid arrest, jail, extradition and possibly bond, if you contact our offices upon immediately. We routinely resolve these issues and are able to file motions and have the warrant recalled without you having to forfeit any bond or spend any time in jail.

Illegal cigarettes can put you in jail

If you have been arrested for illegal possession of cigarettes, under TG 13-1015, Transportation of Unstamped Cigarettes or TG 13-1014((a)(3)), Cigarette Possession Unstamped over 30 Cartons, you have probably had your property confiscated, been arrested and are facing forfeiture of your vehicle.

If you are from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware or any other state, our offices have handled these issues numerous time. We can help you reclaim your vehicle and your property and represent you at trial. Contact us so we may discuss how to fix this problem.

Carrying hands guns is a no-no in Maryland

The State of Maryland has one of the most stringent hand gun transportation laws in the United States, and unlike many other states, does not honor carry permits from any other state.

The Maryland Court of Appeals ( the Supreme Court of Maryland ) recently took up this issue and while the law is changing and the Maryland legislature is drafting new laws, it is still illegal to have a hand gun in your car, particularly if it is loaded and ready to fire. If you are arrested for any hand guns offense, contact our offices. We have experience in handling these cases and can fully explain the laws to you.

Cigarettes/Gun Laws/Bench Warrants | Ocean Pines, MD | Marc A. Zeve, PA Attorney At Law | 410-208-4244

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