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Maintain your presumption of innocence

Don't let a drug bust get you down. Let's start by maintaining your presumption of innocence. Marc A. Zeve can help you keep the police on their toes.




Start building your defense as soon as you can

The first thing you will want to establish in any drug case is how did the police come into contact with you? How did they gain access into your home? How did they stop and search your vehicle? How did they obtain the drugs? And finally, were the chain of custody and the drug analysis rules strictly followed according to the Maryland Rules?

If charged with anything – from simple possession to manufacturing and distribution charges – you should call us ASAP at 410-208-4244 or 443-492-2072 ASAP. They sooner you begin building your defense and have us working to protect your rights, the better the outcome. We operate on a flat rate basis, and continuances are part of the fee.

Police have no standing right to search

Search and seizure of your vehicle or house is NOT a police officer's right. When asked, your answer should always be "No!" It is important to make police get a warrant in order to do so. It's nice to be cooperative ( most people do ) - but it is not necessary.

No doubt, if you are reading this, it's already too late. That's okay. Judges tend not to hold it against cooperative persons, and it is a problem we are very adept at dealing with.


Attorney | Ocean Pines, MD | Marc A. Zeve, PA Attorney At Law | 410-208-4244

Make the authorities mind their P's and Q's. Call us ASAP.

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