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If a Peace Order for domestic violence has been issued against you, contact Marc A. Zeve immediately to protect your rights and plan your defense.




First thing to do: Keep Your Cool

The first thing you need to do, if the court has issued a peace order against you on your spouse or partner's behalf, is to control yourself during the 7 days prior to the hearing being held. Contact us immediately to begin planning your defense strategy.

As the respondent / defendant, you are not permitted to have ANY kind of contact with your partner / spouse. Neither you nor any 3rd party, whatsoever. Every violation is a separately punishable criminal offense carrying a 60-day jail term for the first offense.

Additionally – federal law requires the Sheriff to collect and hold all firearms in your possession. If you feel you were the victim, get the names and contact information of all witnesses to the event, so we can speak to them and get photographs as we develop your defense.

If you have a child involved in a domestic violence issue, contact us immediately. Domestic Violence Orders may now be extended to a maximum duration of 2 years. This must be done prior to the 1-year expiration date in the original order.

The DON'Ts of domestic violence / peace orders

  1. Don't violate the order by having any contact with the person who filed it against you. Every violation counts as a separate criminal offense.
  2. Don't have a friend or relative attempt to contact the petitioner.
  3. Don't go to the school and try to see your children, if so ordered.
  4. Don't text your former spouse or friend or parent of your children during the 7-day period. It can be used against you in future criminal proceedings.
  5. Don't talk to anybody about your case. Don't create witnesses. If the police come to talk to you, don't make any statements. They will serve you with the Order. Just say nothing.
  6. Don't run from being served. It won't make your problems any better.
  7. Don't try to hide or hang on to your firearms. Protective Orders require you to surrender them to law enforcement. If found innocent of a violent act, you will get them back.
  8. Do not take any vehicles, enter the property or go near the former residence you once shared with the petitioner. Do not even drive by.
  9. Do not post anything on any social networking site about the petitioner. Every posting is a separate violation of the Orders. These Orders are meant to be a cooling off period, so cool it.


Domestic Violence | Ocean Pines, MD | Marc A. Zeve, PA Attorney At Law | 410-208-4244

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The DO's of domestic violence / peace orders

  1. Stay away. Don't worry about your personal property. It will be returned to you. You will just have to wait until the hearing. Remember, Domestic Violence Orders and Peace Orders are civil in nature and not criminal. They only become criminal when it is alleged you violated them.
  2. Do obtain our counsel.
  3. Do take pictures.
  4. Do save all text messages and emails coming from the Petitioner - but do not respond.
  5. Do get names and addresses of witnesses you think will be helpful to you in the future.
  6. Do contact us the day you receive the order so we can review these points with you.
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